Benefits of Natural Latex Mattress

Latex is free from chemicals, which reduces your exposure to the chemicals and manmade synthetics found in conventional mattresses.

Latex has anti-microbial properties that make it resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew. This relieves allergies and helps you breathe easier during sleep.

Latex is supportive and alleviates pressure points that can cause, stiffness, pain, tossing, and turning.

Latex is derived from the rubber tree, a renewable resource. This means your new mattress is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Latex is breathable, which keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Latex also eliminates motion transfers, so you can rest easy even if your partner is restless. Latex foam instantly conforms to your body and instantly recovers its original shape.

Natural latex is resilient and does not break down the way other foams can; therefore, your investment will afford many nights of restful sleep.



Make sure You Know What “Natural Latex” Means

Just make sure that you purchase your latex mattress from a reputable store that sells 100% natural material. Some places sell what they refer to as natural mattresses, but it really is a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Therefore, before buying always ask them how the material is collected. Should they not have a good answer to this, then they might be selling the synthetic product version.

It might cost you a bit more money, but buying a 100% natural mattress is definitely worth it. They come without the harmful side effects that synthetic materials bring, and your body will feel the difference over time.


Why Sleep on Natural Latex Mattress? : Latex foam conforms to the shape of your body, aligning your spine perfectly for sleep which is natural for your shoulder and back. Mylatex latex mattresses provide exceptional, contouring support and exquisite pressure relieving comfort. As a result, sleeping on latex mattresses will leave you refreshed, revitalized and ready to enjoy a new day. Latex foam is known for its long lasting resilience and durability compare to other foams. Yet can be be made in different softness and firmness. And due to its naturally non-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties, natural latex mattress, pillow, bolster are healthy for children and allergy sufferers.

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